Our Mission

We are committed to the development of projects within urban core communities across the nation. Our goal is to provide these urban communities with significant economic development, that will help transform the inner core of established urban environments into a vibrant culturally-rich community.

JWM Ventures is dedicated to going beyond just redeveloping a site.  We seek to create family-oriented communities, where residents take pride in their neighborhood, and enjoy the economic opportunities that follow.  We strive to make certain that the communities are a priority, by making sure that these communities are benefited first and foremost by economic developments.

Our Philosophy

We build physical projects in these urban core communities that address un-met necessities, influence innovations, and promote positive change. We fully understand that to be successful, these projects must be inclusive of all of the above, in order to create new job opportunities, promote corporate ownership and creation, and to create a substantial tax base, before and after these projects have been completed.

JWM Ventures, LLC, is a Master Developer providing overall project development management for Urban Core Real Estate Development Projects across the United States.  JWM is a 100% minority-owned and operated Commercial Real Estate Development Company, focused on Urban Mixed-Use Redevelopment projects.

JWM recognized two trends in the United States upon which it is uniquely positioned to capitalize: (i) neglect of major urban centers creating cities with huge areas of urban decay and (ii) the growth of urban problems in suburban communities. 

In some cities, as much as 200 square miles of non-productive space exist. These areas are characterized by tremendous population density, a dearth of commercial presence, overcrowded streets, schools and hospitals and dwindling business enterprises. Few options exist within these areas for citizens to find jobs, shop for food, eat in restaurants, find entertainment, and purchase the goods required for modern life; despite being surrounded by areas of productivity and prosperity.

The recent recession revealed some disturbing facts about the current state of suburbs. Traditional urban problems people sought to escape have now caught up with suburban communities. Schools have, in many towns, become overcrowded. Gangs and drugs have found their way to the suburbs. Police, fire, and other community services are strained. Traffic congestion negatively impacts quality of life and commuting distances/durations have become uncomfortably long. Unsustainable growth fueled by ultra-low interest rates spurred suburban growth with unqualified home buyers, many of whom are now facing painful foreclosure proceedings. Property values and tax revenues have dropped. 

JWM views the current situation plaguing major urban centers and surrounding suburban communities as an opportunity: an opportunity to transform neglected inner city areas into viable, livable, and commercially feasible live-work-play communities. An opportunity to invest in underused and undervalued land, and create great value through reclamation and redevelopment, invigorating these inner-city wastelands by bringing back the lost employment, economic, and social opportunities that accompany growth.

Understanding the need for investment, and the lack of private financial resources available to fund the huge investment requirements, the United States government has introduced new programs to finance redevelopment of urban centers. These programs are only available for reclamation and redevelopment projects where help is most desperately needed. Few developers are aware of these programs, and fewer still understand how to avail themselves of the benefits. With over 30 years of experience, JWM has the expertise.